Kenneth Cole – American Fashion

A fashion designer by profession, Kenneth Cole established his own company in 1982 under the name Kenneth Cole Productions. He first introduced a delicate collection of ladies’ footwear, but over the years the company was able to produce a variety of fashion products and accessories, including a line of perfumes, for both the national and international market. The products by Kenneth Cole are distributed and marketed from different areas in the world under three major labels. Included in the list are the, Reaction, and his very own Kenneth Cole label. More than 30 product categories are distributed in these labels, with the most recent addition holding the name, the Kenneth Cole Women’s Collection. This is a first ever company of its type that came out in the United States and is run and managed by Kenneth Cole. Cole has made a massive expansion though, bringing the name and his designs even to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Amsterdam. He made this expansion by creating a marketing strategy that turned out very effective. He distributed catalog mails under his name to more than three million of consumers worldwide, and this marketing strategy is utilized every year. He also established his own websites, each receiving thousands of visits per day. It was this marketing savvy tactic that has earned him an image renowned not just by Americans, but also by Europeans and Asians. He, in fact, is known as the forerunner of trends and fashion in today’s modern world. Although very active in fashion designing, Kenneth Cole has also made himself committed to societal movements founded for a good cause. He is a member of a fashion community that takes stand in fighting against AIDS. He has been supporting many other global fights for corporate and personal issues. What matters most for him is his dedication to provide a part of his marketing budget to support public awareness. Knowing the benefits of the movement, Cole continues to serve the American Foundation of AIDS Research (AmFAR) as a national board member. He is also helping the HELP U.S.A. Homeless project since the year 1987. Having strong dedication to fashion and philanthropic movements, Kenneth Cole was honored and awarded with the Spotlight Award by the Creative Coalition. He also received recognition from the Amnesty International for the 1998 Media Spotlight Award. The other titles and honors received by him include the following: Humanitarian of the Year by CFDA and Divine Design (1996), Mother’s Voices Extraordinary Voice Award, 1996 Humanitarian Leadership award by the Council on Foundations, Footwear News’ Person of the Year, and The Fashion Medal of Honor Award by the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (1997). Kenneth Cole Productions is currently featured on the World’s 200 Best Small Companies in America. The company has been featured on that page every year, since 1994 when the company was established. The Business Week also highlights them as one of the Top Hot Growth Companies in the US. In addition, Cole is continually producing a wide selection of quality fashion products, including perfumes, shoes, clothing, hosiery, watches, eyewear, and luggage, to mention but a few.

Take Your Fashion Flavor From American Idol

American Idol has taken our world by storm and with great looking celebrities like Paula looking great in this seasons fashion outfits and jewelry as well as soon to be celebrities strutting the best styles of the season. Check out the American Idol jewelry choices for the season. Maybe the next Carrie Underwood or Chris Dougherty is watching – this seasons Melinda and Jordan are both setting fashion statements. They just can’t wait to get their shot in the lime light and show their fashions statement, Everyone that belt out a sound thinks they should be the next American idol and those really talented singers are only a judge or two away. All you need to do is get a pass card from Simon Cowell. Not only is the show entertaining the fashion lessons are also great! Why not pick the style of your favorite idol and then you can mix it up to make your personal fashion statement. Choose your and the jewelry for this season. Want to know how to get the attention of Simon? Well perhaps it’s time to ask Lakisha. She’ll likely tell you to be unique while maintaining a classy style just like her. Or how about Jordan who is such a big girl and yet pulls off all her fashion looks with real class! And check out their jewelry. Be fashionable and look terrific. Remember Fantasia Barrina who came in sporting all those fabulous looking bracelets. She made such an impression that Paula Abdul gave Fantasia some of her personal signature jewelry line. Paula Abdul has a beautiful jewelry line that lets you reflect your style and personality. Start with Paula’s collection and stretch your wings and try other designers. What’s important is to reflect who you are. Bold for bold – feminine for feminine – you decide. If hip hops for you go with hip hop jewelry of if you are a rocker chip then b sure your jewelry says that. American Idol is about singing and standing out in a crowd much like life.

Fashion Trends Changing With New Perspective On A Celebrity Dress

Every now and then at this time there appears a perception that concerns the fashion trends before now you can offer a notice of appreciation but still the peak of acclamation is very much scaling any untraceable distance with not point in time what which means that ever. Mainly because on this meeting; the requirement and the nonsense that can easily be noticed around the celebrity outfits have truthfully brought a whole new revolution on the definition of garments and other very similar clothing. Together with these how much interest or even drops in insatiable curiosities that your particular fashion devotee provides is also price noticeable particularly when such components crowd about the impression of your celebrity gown as a whole. Aside from these logical factors; typically the numbers are actually touching heaven high limit when a likeminded private falling practically age group indicate his or her whims and goals for a hollywood wear much more particularly to have a party or even social gathering.

There seems to be countless website during this date where information in addition to related illustrations or photos and video lessons too can be located at a better way regarding fashion trends which were colored inside of the true constraints of high profile outfits that much more attractive enough to work with the same to get a auspicious special occasion what thus ever. It’s not necessarily that precisely the adults or perhaps the aged portion of the society has developed their intensive zeal along with craze for your celeb dress yourself in in order to give a bold record holding the bright colors of favor and style. Nonetheless the numbers are able to left an onlooker keep massive when amounts relates regarding those teenagers who as well are not lagging driving to add their own names with the same mentioned interested plenty of for these gowns and also effect the depiction that fashion trends have discovered through those Bollywood clothes very effectively the same as distinguishably impressive with regards to designs.

What’s more; it is an opened challenge to eliminate short all the argument together with other similar complications if lat most anyone dares to come up with some contradicting facets regards the necessity to slip on celebrity outfits to drag attention or pick up the eye of the passerby. This is because; the majority of us are well alert to the getting rid of facet nevertheless delicate factor that looking delightful is not a criminal activity especially when precisely the same can be reached by means of becoming a cynosure through some of the top celeb wear that can outperform and offer different perspective so that you can fashion trends seeing that whole. So keeping all these valid and also authenticated reason to take a look gorgeous and even handsome the fashion devotees commonly are not at all squandering even a portion of a min to purchase a hollywood dress not just to wear along with gather certain appreciable enhances but to include more smartness with their personalities altogether.

Career Prospects In Fashion Designing

Fashion and design are two different segment but widely used in the mixed culture for its use. Students who feels themselves very creative, can think differently should pursue this course as their career. It is not that challenging if you find good interest and knowledge about your field. The main thing is that whatever you decide should collect praise of its user, the creation should so elegant and unique that the costumer satisfies and they wont feel they are wasting their money here. The increase in demand of designing cloths increased in past few years by many middle class working people. They are spending most in the purchasing of modern apparels. Theses courses can be peruse at undergraduate, post graduate level and you can also go or diploma and advance diploma or certificate course. Eligibility to pursue fashion designing course after 10+2 is a candidate must scored 50% marks in aggregate with either stream.

“Fashion & Design” covers a range of courses in learning the fashion technology like Fashion Design & Management, Fashion Merchandising, Gems & Jewelry, Interior Designing, Textile & Apparel, Leather & Footwear, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Photography etc.

You can avail the exciting career opportunities in textile designing, apparel merchandising, fashion styling, visual merchandising and fashion communications. Fashion designing involves a good strategic work on design planning, making brands and promotions, portfolios, etc. Some how Indian market is adopting foreign strategies to be implement in India in the sense of enhancing modern culture in Indian behaviors. People are appraising this concept a lot. They are feeling to stay like in an indo western culture which is a fusion culture too.

Top Fashion designing Institutes in Delhi are as follows according the surveys of outlook in 2011:-
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi
Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi
Appejay Institute of Design, New Delhi
J D Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai and Delhi

Some of the Fashion Design courses in Mumbai various institutes are as follows:-
B D Somani Institute of Art and fashion technology, Mumbai
F E institute of Art and design, Mumbai
Footwear design and development institute, Mumbai
Gemological Institute of India (GII), Mumbai
Indian Institute of Gems & Jewelry (IIGJ), Mumbai
Indian Institute of Jewelry(IIJ), Mumbai
Industrial Design Centre (IDC) – IIT Mumbay
Institute of Apparel Management (IAM), Mumbai

How to prepare for Fashion Designing Entrance Exams:-

The candidates have to pursue the all India level entrance exams to get admission in any National Institute of Design. Some of the popular entrance tests have been listed below:-
National Institute of Design (NID)
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF)
Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED)
National Entrance Examination for Design (NEED)
NIFT Entrance Exam

Students who have graduated with fashion designing can work as fashion consultants, fashion designers, fashion assistants, sketching assistants, merchandising executives, illustrators, stylists, and fashion coordinators.

Tips for Female Fashion Models who’re Just Starting Out

It’s good that you’ve a dream. It’ even better that you want that dream to come true. But, always remember that not all dreams come true. If you are just starting out in the Big Fashion World, here are certain tips (you can better call them ADVICE) that are sure to help you reach your full potential. So, shall we start? First things first, find out do you really have what it takes to be a Model. If you believe you’ve that, just go for it. However, get ready for many rejections, many challenges, and a lot of pain. Also, don’t measure your self-worth whether you make it among the top Indian Models or not. Every single soul on this planet has a special skill. Find out your passion and pursue that.

What You Need to have to join the Group of Top Indian Models?

The road to success has never been easy. And, there are no short cuts. Besides the standard physical requirements, some of the most-crucial things that the top models seem to possess are maturity, a strong drive and desire to succeed. Remember, not every client is going to look for your type. And, not all clients are going to be nice with you. It is you who have to stand-up amid all the pain. It is you who have to have a strong belief in you. If you don’t have this, you are sure to fail (even if you happen to be among the most gorgeous creatures on the planet).

Female Fashion Models and Online Fashion Websites

There are several great Fashion Websites out there. Big wigs in the Fashion Industry do browse these sites to search for new models. These websites promote their models. So, if you’re a budding model, make sure you’ve your profile on some of the leading Fashion Websites. Also try to get as much information about the Fashion World as possible from those who’re already in the business.

Last but not the Least

Give you best. Don’t go for shortcuts. Get ready for the challenges. If you’re ready for this, nobody can stop you from shining in the sky of Fashion business.

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The Scope of Fashion Trends

Fashion is a person’s way of expressing style and personality. Every individual has his or her own way of wearing their clothes and accessories. Many people are closely following today’s trends when it comes to fashion, specifically the latest looks of popular celebrities and elite icons of society.

Some of the places where fashion is of great substance would be Paris or Italy. Since most of the world’s leading fashion designers hold runway shows there, people in these areas may be more fashion-forward than people living in other parts of the world. However, through the Web and the Internet, high-fashion trends from these areas are now becoming accessible to other parts of the globe.

Current trends in fashion are now being followed from around the world, especially trends that feature the wardrobe and accessories used by popular celebrities. Many people now focus on buying the fashionable items they see on television or on the Web to achieve a more updated sense of style. However, some fashion trends may not be suitable for all areas of the world.

In addition, fashion trends started by celebrities and on fashion shows may not be appropriate for an individual’s lifestyle or way of living. For instance, Calgary fashion is not likely to be in tune with popular fashion Japan, mainly because of differences in the areas’ culture and environment. On the other hand, many fashion trends seen in the US are likely to be followed in most European countries, as well as Canada.

When it comes to the latest trends, Calgary fashion designers are not far behind their peers. These designers have their own unique style that helps Calgary residents to be fashionable according to their way of living. Calgary designers’ sense of style may not be the same with designers from other countries, but they integrate their unique style in fashion trends they see.

Fashion trends are followed in most countries, but some people choose to modify these trends according to their own style and environment. Calgary fashion can definitely keep up with the rest of the world when it comes to following the latest trends.